exim: rejected EHLO, syntactically invalid argument

If you email having problem with rejected EHLO or HELO, caused by syntactically invalid argument(s). Possible the hostname contains underscore(_). This is not standard practice, having _ for your domain for example takizo_mail.takizo.com Most of the mail server rejected hostname…

useful unix command: xargs

In our mailserver, we backup every incoming email and keep it for a week. Sometime, it’s PITA when you want to purge the old email. For example; [takizo@rooney backup]# rm -rf S0118* -bash: /bin/rm: Argument list too long when come…

Display Adsense Earning On Firefox Toolbar

mincus has written useful Firefox extension called Adsense Notifier. It displays your Adsense latest earning at Firefox toolbar. If you are always concern what is your adsense earning, it’s a great tool for you. Website: http://code.mincus.com/3/adsense-notifier/

Mac OS X: Changing Computer Name

It’s pretty simple but for a new Mac user like me take hour to find out if didn’t make a search from Google. System Preferences > Sharing

FreeBSD 6.1 Performance Tuning

Just a note for myself to tune FreeBSD OS for better performance. Partitioning Every partition of the disk will required different usage. For example webserver needs a lot reading and database needs read and write. Beside that, /var is a…