Thunderbird Unified Folder Some Account Inbox Missing

Recently I’ve completed a “clean” migration to latest Thunderbird Supernova 115.5.0

Previously the auto update (Check for update on Thunderbird) didn’t work well for me. I’ve had issues like calendar invite missing, attachment cannot view in the email, sender name didn’t display correctly in an email view.

After a “clean” migration, I noticed it also doesn’t have performance issue. i.e previously loading email was pretty slow, and it took almost a second to load an email.

But, I’ve have the issue of the Unified didn’t display all inbox folders for my 12 email accounts, only 10 inboxes are showing on Unified Inbox folder.

This support forum in Mozilla resolve my issue.

All you need to do is close your Thunderbird (in my case it’s Thunderbird running on MacOS), and go to your profile folder, usually it’s in your Library/Thunerbird/Profile folder.

In your profile folder, delete the file virtualFolders.dat.

Navigate to Mail folder, and delete the folder smart mailboxes.

Launch Thunderbird again, and now you should be seeing all the inboxes in Unified Folder view option.