Configure IPV6 on Apple and Windows


Do you have IPV6 network ready in your office? Lets configure IPV6 on your machine running on either Windows/Mac. We have IPV6 network running on our office network, running dual stack with IPV4, not running fully on IPV6 DNS at the moment. But will try it out and share soon.

How to Configure IPV6 on Windowx XP

Turn on your command prompt, try this command ipv6, you should see the command replies;

To configure IPV6, you need the command ipv6 if;

The protocol stack is not install yet, to install just run ipv6 install;

Run ipv6 if again and you should see something like this;

From the output above, it shows that your Local Area Connection is on Interface 5, to configure IPV6 address on Interface 5;

5 is your interface no. and 2001:4498:0:3::6:2 if your IPV6 Address. After IPV6 Address has been configure, now to configure default route of your router/gateway for IPV6 network.

::/0 means default route 5 is interface 5 and your gateway address is 2001:2001:0:3::6:100. To find out is your IPV6 gateway has been configured;

Try to do ping to your gateway, and you should get the ping reply;

You can also try to do ping test to google ipv6 at If you are not able to ping the gateway, try to turn off Teredo Tunneling Adapter.

How to Configure IPV6 on Apple Mac OSX

There are bugs on my Mac OSX Leopard, the IPV6 configuration cannot be done on System Preference UI. The best way to do it is configure it through terminal through few simple steps, best way means it’s surely works! I assume you have cable connected to your LAN port, so I will take en0 as example or if you are running wireless, you can replace with en1, and yes, you need sudo command to do changes, unless you are already a su/root login.

To bring up IPV6 on your interface, do

To shut down, do

You don’t have to down it unless it’s not working. Try to check what is on your interface en0

I do not have IPv4 or IPV6 configured on the interface yet, to configure IPV6 address;

IPV6 address has been configure, right now to configure the default gateway for IPV6 network;

Try to ping to your gateway and you should get some replies.

How Do I Know I am on IPV6 Network?

There are few site you can test, one of the most popular site is You will see a dancing kame if you are on IPV6 network, otherwise is mosaic dancing kame đŸ˜‰ Other than that, provide your IPV6 address as well. Ripe, is another site we always check for our IPV6 address.

I will be doing some development on IPV6, will post more info soon.