How to Convert Video Format from RMVB or RM to AVI in Apple Mac

You have downloaded a lot movies and videos in Real Player rmvb and rm format, and in a sudden you would like to convert rmvb or rm video files to avi in Apple Mac OS X version 10.4, aka Tiger. How can that be done?

Solution :

  • install ffmpegx
  • install real player for mac, get it free from if the link is broken, try
  • create a folder /Library/Application Support/ffmpegX/reallib
  • go to the Applications folder of real player. right click on it and choose “Show Package Contents”. drill down to Contents -> Frameworks -> HXClientKit.framework -> Helix Plugins -> Codecs and copy all the files there to the folder created previously (reallib)
  • .rm files are ready to go for conversion
  • .rmvb files have to rename it to .rm before conversion

Enjoy our avi format now.