Disappointed with 5 Day Used Yellow Discoloration Macbook in Malaysia

Suppose to be happy after I bought Apple MacBook. But it turned up very very sad yet disappointed with my 5 Days old Macbook. The palm rest surface and common keyboard keys and touch pad areas have spotted yellow discoloration. Seriously, am very sad with the brand new Apple’s Macbook right now. IF I have known the problem earlier which is quiet critical and serious, I would have just buy the Black Color Macbook.

I’ve been using it for only 5 days and now it will be sending back to change the case, not swapping a new unit. So far for the informations I gathered from Forums. Most of the users having the yellow discoloration issue after 3-4 months, but mine is only 5 days. May be I am extreme user compare with others.

Just my luck… Fellow Malaysian, take my advice, please don’t buy Macbook at the moment unless you are planing to buy a Black Macbook.

The yellow discoloration will make you sadder and sadder everyday, especially when you open up your Macbook in the early morning!

Apple Defects: White MacBook Palmrest Stains on 5 Day old MacBook in Malaysia