Finally, a new Theme

Loaded a new theme for a new start. I’ve not been writing (I try not to use blogging) for a while, previously I write because of trying to make some small incoming from Google Adsense, and recently my 12 years old Google Adsense has been disabled by Googl. Why was it disabled? I am too kind to lend my account to a friend and Google found the website that hosted the adsense code on fraud click website. It’s a little disappointed the account has been disabled, mainly because the account has been opened since 12 years ago. I also read once it’s disabled it’s for life you are not allow to open/register an account with Google.

Well, I see it as a good sign, I don’t really use it to generate income since many years ago, the clicks I got almost 2 years unable to reach USD100 for payout 😉 Good as in I can write freely as I want, instead of taking care of the SEO’s friendliness criteria.

Previously I am still using Kubrick theme, it was due to the laziness. Laziness to generate new relocate and generate adsense code. New theme, new start, reborn of the writing.