FreeBSD Portsnap & CVSup

I just tried FreeBSD Portsnap, another tools to maintain FreeBSD port tree. The result is rocking, update on the port tree is extremely fast, it may take some time when you first perform portsnap fetch, extract and update. The command to perform the update is simple and straight forward.

FreeBSD’s portsnap isavailable on FreeBSD 4.x and above, if you can’t get it from port, may be you got to do cvsup first. Installing portsnap;

cd /usr/ports/sysutils/portsnap
make && make install

or if you have portinstall, run the command;

portinstall /usr/ports/sysutils/portsnap

After the installation, you might want to make some changes on the config file which located at /usr/local/etc/portsnap.conf.sample, make a copy to portsnap.conf. After that, run the command portsnap fetch, it might take some time to fetch the update from mirror website and after that portsnap extract/update.

That’s it, you can tick away portsdb -uU and spend 15-30mins to wait for the port tree updated. Try portsnap now and you won’t regret of using it.

Visit official portsnap website for more more more information and tips.