How to Edit Cell in Microsoft Excel on Mac OSX Leopard

Many windows user may know that F2 is the shortcut key to edit a cell on Microsoft Excel. I run native Microsoft Excel on Apple Mac OSX to do my claims, report, database and etc. Sometime it’s annoying on cell editing, especially when you want to edit the cell, need to move your mouse and double click.

Is there any F2 like short cut key on OSX Leopard’s Microsoft Excel?

Yes! There is,
it’s not Apple + F2,
it’s not Alt + F2,
it’s also not Ctrl + F2…

Guess what is it? It’s F3,
but not Apple + F3.

The correct command to edit a cell on Apple Mac OSX Leopard’s Microsoft Excel is Shift + F3 / Ctrl + U. Use either one you feel comfortable with (your fat finger).

Hope this small tips help for buddy buddy who looking for it online ;).