How to Enable Suidperl in FreeBSD

Enable Suidperl In FreeBSD

Due to security issues, by default Perl installation in FreeBSD does not compiles with SUIDPERL. There are 2 ways to enable SUIDPERL in FreeBSD.

First, it make it a “global” configuration in /etc/make.conf, so whenever there is port upgrade for Perl, it will compile with Suidperl. Edit the file /etc/make.conf and put ENABLE_SUIDPERL=true.

Second method and invoke ENABLE_SUIDPERL when run make command on Perl installation.

shell> cd /usr/ports/lang/perl
shell> make -DENABLE_SUIDPERL install

By default suidperl executable file is located at /usr/bin/suidperl, you might want to symlink to /usr/local/bin/suidperl

shell> ln -s /usr/bin/suidperl /usr/local/bin/suidperl