How to Extend Apple Mac OSX to External Monitor Only

Happy to get myself a 23″ LED monitor, never realize how convenient it is to use 1920 x 1080 resolutions, I can now multiple on 9 terminals at one time, crazy huh?

Here is how you can extend your Mac OSX display to external monitor only. Well, don’t forget you need an external keyboard to make yourself comfort at sitting posture 😉

  • on System Preference > Displays, choose mirror display
  • Put your laptop into sleep by closing the lid
  • Clicking and clicking on your keyboard/mouse to wake up your OSX, when it’s awake, your external monitor will become the only display
  • In order to wake your display on your Macbook, just press the keyboard on your Macbook

Unfortunately, I can’t find any tools/apps can switch the display to external monitor. If you found one, do let me know.