How To Set Your Blackberry with Tone + Vibrate with BuzzMe

On all the Blackberry model, the incoming call or text messaging (SMS) notification doesn’t support vibrate and tone, you can set maximum 3 vibration and after that the tone will ring out loud. But the problem with the 3 vibrations is most of the caller without good patient will hang up the call after 3 ring tone (For my case ;)).

There is a software call BuzzMe, Free or Pro edition to set your incoming call or text messaging with Tone and Vibration.

You can download the Free version from your Blackberry’s Browser at official BigTinCan website. The installation and activation is pretty simple and straight forward.

1. Open up your browser and log on to or look for the download link.

2. Download BigTinCan BuzzMe – free edition

3. After download, on your Blackberry, go to Download > Buzz Me, follow the on screen instruction and activation Phone Call Vibration: on

4. Go to Profiles > Advance > Select your Profile (in most case select Normal)

5. Look for Phone > Out of Holster select Tone, similar to In Holster select Tone.

You can do the same for SMS or Text Messaging on SMS Text option.

Try make a phone call to your Blackberry, and now the Tone is Vibrating on your incoming call. If you consider for more features, can get the Pro version.