HTC One M7 USB Device Not Recognized

For the past few days, I’ve been searching solution to solve the “USB Device Not Recognized” error in Windows 6 64 bits with HTC One M7 phone; what really annoyed me is, the HTC One M7 connected in Mac OSX without any problem, we can do ADB devices or Fastboot command without any fail.

But, when the phone connected to Windows 7 machine, it said “USB Device Not Recognized”. After battling with restarting the machine, install and uninstall HTC Sync Manager Software, or HTC Phone driver.. It still not working as expected. I decided to leave it aside and do what I should do in OSX environment.

After fixing some issue on the phone, I still cannot accept the problem happened in Windows 7 machine (Being an engineer with the never give up hat), I decided to give another try and find out the problem; and the problem solved.

I never thought it could be the cable problem, because it worked well in Mac OSX. Until I couldn’t figure any solution, I tried change the USB cable… Boom! Problem solved.

How pathetic it’s? Spending so much time tangling with the software, but in the end is the cable problem. At least, it’s working now.

Uh… Why am I still using USB to connect? I was trying to unroot the phone. Will share the post on How to unroot HTC One M7 and make it looks like a “stock” phone.

Bloody Cable! or Maybe Windows problem 😉