Install and Configure Thold on Cacti

There are a bunch of Cacti’s plugins which can do better monitoring. One of the recommended and popular plugin for Cacti is Thold. Thold is a plugin to monitor bandwidth usage and trigger an alert when it reaches the threshold. Plugin Architecture needs to be installed in order to activate it on Cacti.

Let’s start the installation and configuration.

Backup Your Cacti Files

Plugin Architecture will make some changes on some Cacti file, it’s recommend to backup Cacti’s core file before install Plugin Architecture. If Cacti application is monitoring thousand of routers, It’s advices not to backup RRA/RRD files together. Backing up RRA/RRD file will take up a lot of disk space and it’s time consuming. Log file folder can be excluded as well, since only the core files need to be backup.

Take /usr/local/share/cacti as the example of the located Cacti’s files, lets backup Cacti’s core files without RRA/RRD and log files;

cd /usr/local/share
tar -vzcf cacti-backup.tar.gz --exclude=cacti/rra/* --exclude=cacti/log/* cacti

After backup has been done, Plugin Architecture installation is ready to roll.

Install Cacti Plugin Architecture

Cacti Plugin Architecture can be downloaded from Documentation of Cacti Plugin Architecture installation is available on Cacti Users’ documentation wiki.

Install and Configure Thold Plugin

Refer to Cacti’s plugin installation, before installing Thold plugin, Settings plugin is needed for Thold plugin. Both of the plugin is available on Cacti Users website.

Make sure Thold plugin has been activated on include/global.php. Installation has been done, but Thold setting on is not show Cacti’s Setting page? Permission needs to be granted before Thold setting is shown on Setting panel. To do so, go to User Management, and select your username. On Realm permission, make sure Plugin Management is check.

Now Thold tab should be shown on Cacti’s Setting panel.