OS X Lion Release Date

OS X Lion Release Date is Today, 20th July 2011 (UPDATE)

It’s almost 6 days, after 14th July, which is the rumors of OS X Lion Release Date.

This is what we have been waiting for, Apple Mac OS X Lion is Available in App Store now. I have begun my download, what are you waiting for? Upgrade your Snow Leopard to Mac OS X Lion from App Store now!

The update installer file is about 3.74GB, it takes about 3 hours+ for me to download. Will review the features when I have my Apple Mac OS X Lion upgraded.

OS X Lion Release Date Delay?

OS X Lion release date was supposed to be today, but it seems like OS X Lion release is not out yet. I’ve been clicking on my software update and checking out App Store, but nothing has came to me and prompting for software update. A little disappointed 😉

OS X Lion Release Date

OS X Lion Release Date a Rumor?

Rumors has been circulating around the internet and according to 9to5Mac’s source, OS X Lion release date was supposed to be on 14 July 2011. But it seems like it’s not true.

All this while the source has been very accurate in regards to Apple’s Leaked News. The leaked out part numbers was captured by the source and also the price tagged on new OS X Lion. But it ends up not the date as expected

When is OS X Lion Release Date?

Snow Leopard was released back to 2 years ago in August 2009. It has been a while and the Mac users are so excited expecting for the new OS X Lion release date. I guess OS X Lion should be out real soon, it was announce that OS X Lion release date is in July, but there were no exact date announce to public.

Well, we will continue to wait for the release. I am all set and ready to download for the new release. What about you?