PECL Manual Install on Linux Centos

Just bought a VPS server hosting to play around from Media Temple. The Dedicated Virtual (DV) package come with Linux Centos, and all this while I’ve been a FreeBSD user, think it shouldn’t be hard to use Linux 😀 Sorry I’m a n00b on Linux.

yum is fun, I did yum install memcache and yum install php-pecl-memcache. memcache daemon service started successfully but php-pecl-memcache ain’t working.

memcache.ini is included in /etc/php.d/ and from phpinfo(), I can clearly seen memcache.ini is included as well. But, when I search for memcache module info, the module seem not loaded with into php.


I remove php-pecl-memcache and tried to install with pecl install memcache, not good, pecl install were not working and the error message;

Search for the error message, and it seem like it’s something to do with mount point permission for /var or /var/tmp partition.

Not wanting to do much on un-mount and re-mount the drive, I tried to install php-pecl-memcache manually.

Manual Compile PECL Extension with phpize

I will take memcahe as PECL extension for example, first I need to download the package file from PECL website, untar it and start compiling

After the installation, create memcahe.ini in /etc/php.d/

Restart apache webserver with /etc/init.d/httpd restart and write a phpinfo() file, now I can see memcache module is loaded


Anyone have the same error like I do and you have other workaround, please do let me know. Or change the permission on /etc/mtab 🙂

Need to get familiar with Linux Centos…