PostgreSQL Database signal 6 Error On Apple Mac

After I have done PostgreSQL upgrade through MacPort, the database refused to start and system generated crash report. The crash report generates by Apple doesn’t give much clue what was happening. Below is crash report I got from my machine;

No clue? Don’t think this log help much on troubleshooting, so let’s check on PostgreSQL logs;

Now I see the error, start up process was terminated by signal 6, what is signal 6? That doesn’t matter, the main problem is the error message stated

Something was screw up with the checkpoint record, to solve it, run a magic command call pg_resetxlog. Before you run pg_resetxlog, it’s advice to backup a copy of your database directory, because some unlucky fellow had problem after running pg_resetxlog, data was gone.

Play around the corrupted DB with pg_resetxlog;

Now, start my Postgresql

Alright, database is ready to roll again.