Star Wars ASCII Animation Through Telnet

Telnet to mail server port? telnet to web server port? telnet to domain name server port?

Why not telnet to watch Star Wars ASCII animation? Found this interesting stuff, An ASCII animation based on Star Wars created by Erik Thorne. Fire up your terminal and telnet the address as shown below. Before doing that, get a cup of coffee first 😉

shell> telnet

      Original Work   : Simon Jansen ( )   
      Telnetification : Snore ( )               
      Improved player : Mike Edwards (       
      The hard work was done by Simon and Mike,                          
      I just placed it online in a different format.                     
      So long And Thanks for all the fish                                
      Snore ( Has no life for Hardware )                                 
      Looking for : Female with E15k        

       The IPv6 version has extra scenes and extra color support.        
       So if you want to experience ascii starwars to it's fullest       
       you really should get IPv6.                                       
                                                                        or another IPv6 tunnel broker may                   
       help getting IPv6 to your computer.                               
       Good Luck,                                                        
       Snore ( Has no life for Hardware )

                                      ( oo|                              
                                     /  _  \                             
                                    \\ \_/  ||                           
                                     \|\ /| ||                           
                                     # _ _/ #                            
                                      | | |                              
                                      | | |                              
                                      | | |                              

I am on IPV6 network, but didn’t catch the extra scenes and extra color support. Anyone who view with IPV6 can see extra color support?

Hope you enjoy!