Sublime Text Editor – Package Control

Today I found an interesting package to install on Sublime Text, may be I did not pay much attention on the sublime text tutorial online, but this seems to be one of the “must install” package on Sublime Text; which is “Package Control

I am still using Sublime Text 2, Sublime Text 3 still in Beta version. To install Package Control;

1. Go to Sublime Text’s console. View -> Show Console


2. Paste the line into the console as shown on “Package Control” website. in my case it pasting this;

It will looks like below and hit enter.


After the installation has been done, try to install a package name BeautifyRuby.

1. Launch Package Control: Install Package by “AppleCommand + Shift + P” or in Windows “Ctrl + Shift + p”


2. Search for BeautifyRuby and hit enter to install


3. You may notice the status bar showing the installation status on the package.


I am going to explore packages offer by Package Control in Sublime Text 😉