Top 20 Favorite Free WordPress Themes

One of the coolest stuff of using WordPress is the Free Themes. Some people buy premium theme for better design and management. I personally hardly spend buying premium theme, as I think it’s not necessary for me yet (for time being). I would like to introduce you… My top 20 all time favorite Free WordPress Themes.

Theme 01 Blue Steel

Theme 02 xPlosive Reloaded

Theme 03 Dilectio

Theme 04 Accord WordPress

Theme 05 Tree

Theme 06 Blue Bird

Theme 07 Paisley

Theme 08 Modicus Remix

Theme 09 The Morning After

Theme 10 Structure

Theme 11 Polaroid

Theme 12 Old Lamp

Theme 13 Sakeena

Theme 14 Yoghourt

Theme 15 Prebuilt

Theme 16 Retro Mac OSX

Theme 17 Nautilus

Theme 18 Aspire

Theme 19 Lounge 2

Theme 20 Simpress