Workflow with Automator …


I have always use my mac for surfing, emailing, messaging & other stuff… there is always a set of application that i would want to start but lazy of starting it one by one… naturally i use, Automator…

some ways of i used :

– used it to launch a set of common applications, to save a few click or stokes of keys if using Spotlight (or QuickSliver) :

  1. start “Automator” from “Applications” folder
  2. key in “launch” in the “Search” field on top left hand corner
  3. drag the “Launch Application” from the “Action” column to the right hand box
  4. choose the application that you wish to start from the drop down box
  5. repeat steps 3 & 4 if needed
  6. save the workflow by giving it a name and choose “Application” as the “File Format”, you might want to specify a location for it.


– open some documents with specific apps, e.g. mp3 with Audacity rather then iTunes :

  1. drag the document that you wish to open into the right hand box of “Automator”
  2. the “Get Specified Finder Items” action should automatically appear with the documents drop in step 1 in it
  3. key in “open finder items” in the “Search” field
  4. drag the only item in the “Action” column and drop it on the right hand box under the previous action
  5. choose the application that you wish to open the documents with