Change or Set User Password in FreeBSD

If you notice, during FreeBSD installation, it doesn’t have a step by step installation guides for creating user’s password for login credential. By default, FreeBSD installation only come with user “root”, and it doesn’t prompts for password setting for default user “root”. After installation, you can login to FreeBSD with user “root”, no password.

So, it’s advise that to set user’s password after installation. You can set or change user’s password in FreeBSD with passwd command.

Try to have your password in alphanumeric combination, meaning alphabets + numbers and at least 6 characters long. You can do some creative password combination like “go2HELL”, “1amN00b1nUn1x”, “BUYm3b33r”, “h3ySumm3rH0t” and etc. Please do remember, the password is case sensitive too.

To Set Password for Default User “root”

To set the password;

  • type: passwd
  • input your password twice

To change your password, use the same command and it will prompt you for current password before putting the new one.

To Set or Change Password for Other Userid

Login as “root” and change user’s password, in example userid foo

  • Type: passwd foo
  • Input your password twice