Chinese Simplified PinYin Input Doesn’t Work on Blackberry OS 5.0.0.x

Recently I have upgraded to Blackberry OS version 5.0. Everything works except for Chinese Pin Yin input where it supposes can be swap between English and Chinese. Chinese Simplified PinYin input is installed and I am able to read Chinese Characters but the language switching options cannot be seen at Options > Language and Text Input.

My model is Blackberry Bold 9000, running on latest OS v5.0.0.454 (Platform Suspect that Application Center is crash with Chinese PinYin Input. If you have the similar problem, try to make it works by following the steps below with Blackberry Desktop Manager.

  • First, remove Application Center from your Blackberry.
  • After Application Center has been removed, install East Asian Characters and Font Support > Simplified Chinese Characters and Font Support
  • Try to do Alt + Enter, you should able to switch between English and Chinese Simplified Pin Yin

Please do share if you have others workaround.