SSH Client on Blackberry

Is there any SSH client for Blackberry phone? Definitely yes, I am using BBSSH as SSH client on Blackberry. BBSSH is free and it runs on latest Blackberry OS, I do remote SSH to server to do some health check. BBSSH supports both SSH1 and SSH2.

BBSSH Features

Some of the features on BBSSH

  • Adding Multiple Connection – You can add multiple connection on BBSSH and the connection will be saved for convenience access.
  • Multiple Session at one time – You can access to multiple server at the same time, and you are also able to switch over to other session from time to time.
  • Support shortcut keys like Ctrl + D – You can invoke normal Ctrl + D key with Sym + D as a shortcut to log out or Sym + Up to scroll back history and etc.

Connection Error

When I first setup a new connection, I was having difficulty to connect to the server, getting error message like “Notice: APN is not specified”. You need to enable APN at Options > Advance Options >TCP/IP > and check APN Settings Enabled. You can leave the authentication username and password empty.

Connect on Custom SSH port

There is no option to configure custom SSH port. You can set the hostname as, for example

I hope you enjoy SSH on Blackberry with BBSSH as much as I do!