How to Enable Subject Header Logging in Exim’s main_log

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I’ve been maintaining a customer mailserver since 2003, growing from 30 users to 200+ users today, it seems how big and fast the company grown, good thing they still engaged me on maintaining their mail/web server.

Turn On Subject Header on Exim Logging

Turning on Subject Header on Exim logging make your life easier for troubleshooting purpose. By default, exim’s logging on mainlog does not provide Subject Header, to turn on follow the steps below;

  • 1. Edit Exim’s main config file, using /usr/local/exim/configure
  • 2. On the main/global config, usually before ACL section, add the line below
    log_selector = +subject +delivery_size +size_reject
  • Above log_selector include logging the delivery size of the email, and size_reject. If the email is rejected by the server, you can find out what was the rejected size.

That’s it. Will try to pen down stuff more often 😉